Wed Trust is a Charitable Trust registered in the year 1991 with the focus on Empowerment of Women and the Development of the Children. The Trust has been in operation since 1991 working in Tirunelvli and Thoothukudi District in Tamilnadu. This trust is currently involved in women‘s empowerment against child labour. We are concentrating much on awareness building and enhancing employment ability and socio economic development of women. Our focus is mainly to empower women to help children. Eliminating gender discrimination and empowering women will have a profound and positive impact on the survival and well being of children. Women‘s influence in key decisions improves the lives of women and has a positive effect on child well‘ being and development. “WED TRUST” (Women‘s Education for Development Trust) was started in the year 1991 in the near by city of Tirunelveli, by an advocate Shri. K.P.D. Prabakar and a few volunteers. In 1997, the organization felt the need to support children under difficult circumstances in the nearby town of Tiruchendur. Hence the organisation‘s base was shifted to Tiruchendur and under the leadership of Mr.Jeyadass, took care of children, abandoned due to poverty, superstitions and illegal affairs. Since then, numerous children and women have benefitted from this service.